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Hebe Tables - Available in a range of shapes

Create warm, calming and inviting spaces with natural wooden furniture.  Hebe Tables are finished with a wipe clean waterbased food grade varnish.  A range of shapes to suit all your environment needs. 

460mm or 500mm High to fit perfectly with our Stack Seats or Stack Stools

Custom shapes and sizes always available.  Varnish finish.

Table tops come in our classic Hebe meranti plywood.  Please note there are natural tonal and pattern variations in the wood we receive from our suppliers due to the variation from tree to tree in this species so they may not match exactly but all will possess a beautiful look.

Lighter birch plywood table tops available on request.

These tables can be sanded back and revarnished over the years to give them a great new look.


Standard sized tables $390 each ex GST

Triangular: 885mm sides

Square: 800mm x 800mm 

Round: 850mm Diameter 

Rectangular: 600mm x 950mm 

Ellipse: 600mm x 950mm 

Trapezoid: 520mm x 1200mm 



Larger sized tables $490 each ex GST

Large Round: 1200mm Diameter 

Ellipse: 1200mm x 800mm 


Trestle Tables tables $820 each ex GST


Custom sizes and shapes available - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



NEW TABLE SHAPE - Trapezoid tables from $390 each

600 short side x 1200 long side x 540 wide.  Sigle table pictured top right in this collection below.

These great tables can be configured and reconfigured in so many ways to make versatile seating arrangements to suit your layout and group size as pictured below.


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