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Play Loft


Looking for a spectacular centrepiece?  Let us build you a beautiful Play Loft to rival all others.  A graceful staircase, multifunctional leaner shelves on lower windows, a tinted viewing splodge for curiosity are part of the many great features in this unique design.  Our play loft offers a safe, solid structure and a highly visible environment for children to explore.

Like all Hebe products, this is the ultimate in quality.  Whether you want bees or flowers, the ocean or celestial bodies our personalised motifs available to suit your individual tastes or to fit in with your logo or brand.  We can modify dimensions and layout to meet the requirements of your space to give you the best use of every aspect of the loft. 

Our lofts come semi flat-packed and if required we can discuss options for us to assemble onsite for you.

Optional extras - Circular acrylic bubble window 

Varnish finish, assembly required.

Price On Application


Pictured design dimensions 2300mm High x 3058mm Long (including stairs) x 1600mm Wide

Price for pictured design approx $8950

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Play Loft Hebe Natural Childrens Furniture Custom Options Available NZ Early Childhood Education WEB

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